Ozaukee Treasures Network

To all:

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this past Saturday at the "Krier Conservancy Work Day". We were able to build over 250 tussock mounds and plant 2000 native wetland sedges and wildflowers in about three hours! This was a great accomplishment!!!

Unfortunately I don't have e-mail addresses for each person who attended the event, but we wanted to make examples of a few key people...

Special Thanks To:

John Rassel for trucking in (and presumably trucking out) the drinks, coolers, and grill.

Tom Ellis for purchasing all of the food and being the grill master –despite the rain coming down while he was cooking!

Marc Daniloff for bringing the two young ladies who provided great inspiration with their work ethic and fearlessness in the mud!

The Southeast and Ozaukee County Chapters of Pheasants Forever for purchasing the food (and supplying 7 volunteers).

Brett Gorzalski for bringing the youngest volunteer (his son Brayson)

Bob Hubing for bringing his ATV and trailer - (and various other tools)

Andy Holschbach and Kevin Peiffer for coming out to help despite having injuries on the mend

Mequon Nature Preserve for lending us some youth size waders

Peter Ziegler for stopping in to help with some plants (and dropping off wood duck boxes) while on his way to a WWA event

Bruce Krier for his consistent dedication to the conservation of wild places and ecological restoration

I'm sure I'm forgetting some folks who deserve mention - to whom I apologize. But thank you again all for taking time out of your weekend to help us help the land heal!

To download the photos from the event, click the link below. You may have to install Dropbox, but it's free!


Clayton M. Frazer

Senior Ecologist

409 Concord Drive

Oregon, WI 53575