Ozaukee Treasures Network

The Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department, in conjunction with its partners including the Ozaukee Treasures Network, recently completed a Coastal Resources Ecological Prioritization Master Plan, which is a parcel-level prioritization planning effort for preservation and restoration of critical coastal land and water resources in Ozaukee County. The Department created a Geographic Information System (GIS) Decision Support Tool while developing the Master Plan to provide a GIS-based, systematic prioritization of parcels according to a suite of land use, environmental, and ecological analysis factors. An accompanying technical report serves as a supplemental document to the Master Plan and is intended to provide additional information about the planning process, a more detailed explanation of the data and methods utilized, and a discussion of the limitations and considerations of both the inputs and outputs of the analysis. Both documents are now available for download on the County website at http://wi-ozaukeecounty.civicplus.com/551/Planning-Division. Questions may be directed to Karina Ward, Planning and GIS Specialist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 262-238-8277.