Ozaukee Treasures Network

Our March 2020 Conference had to be called off because of the Covid 19 virus, which was not even on the agenda.  Who knew?  So, it has been a very long time since this group has had a chance to gather.  Rather than set a formal agenda, (our Steering Committee has not met either) this gathering will be about catching up, with out traditional Shameless Plugs being the focus.

1.  We have a date. a time, and a place (thank you Jessica Jens and Riveredge)

2.  Monday, June 7th, starting at 4p.m. with our meeting at 5:00 pm.

3.  Place:  Riveredge's old Sugar Bush building, now called River Outpost. There is both indoor and outdoor space to gather and eat.  Here is a map of Riveredge.

note from Jessica on parking: Please let everyone know we will meet at the River Outpost. Folks will need to park in the West Parking lot nearest Newburg and hike a short trail down to the River Outpost. If anyone has physical challenges, we do have a couple of parking spots at the River Outpost, but they are very limited. If you'd like to park at the River Outpost for the ease of anytype of unloading/loading, you certainly can.  We have 5 parking spots down there. 

4.  Marjie will let you know what CDC guidelines say near the end of May so we can plan.  It might be a "bring your own picnic."  We will see.