Ozaukee Treasures Network

OTN Spring Conference - River Talk & Networking

OTN Spring Conference

River Talk and Networking
Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2018
Where: Mequon Nature Preserve:  8200 W. County Line Road, Mequon
Time:  5:30 p.m.
Dinner:  Pot Luck with some basic fixings provided (Bring a dish to pass, and/ or your favorite beverage to share if you can.)

RSVP:  As always, it really helps  planning to know about how many folks are coming.  Please just reply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can bring a guest if you like.
Thank you to Kristin Geis, Executive Director of the Mequon Nature Preserve for hosting our spring event!  If you can come early, there are some wonderful trails at MNP just waiting for you to go exploring.

Conference:  This is a great time to enjoy food and drink with friends and new friends, share some "shameless plugs" about your organization and listen to some interesting members who will be giving "extended shameless plugs" - 5 minute updates on some exciting ventures.  Our focus is the Milwaukee River Basin and related happenings:)

Extended Shameless Plug Presenters for the April 5th OTN Conference 
1. Mequon Nature Preserve
2. Riveredge's Mandie Zopp will give us an overview/results of the first year for their Community Rivers Project.
3. Milwaukee Riverkeeper -Cheryl Nenn will brief us on their water trail map, which now includes Ozaukee county, touch on the river cleanup, which will be April 21st and their citizen water monitoring training dates. 
4. Huda Alkaff, Founder & Director of the Wisconsin Green Muslims 
will share their river-related work: Faithful Rainwater Harvesting, River Cleanups, and ThinkRiver -applying systems thinking to a river.
5. William Kort, PhD Freshwater Science & Policy, will update us on the 9 Key Element Watershed Plans for Sweet Water that covers sub-watersheds in the Milwaukee River watershed.
6. Gary Casper will do a mini presentation on 4 years of intense study of the river for the Area of Concern project.
7. Eddee Daniel  will introduce us to  "A Wealth of Nature" - a project of Preserve Our Parks.
8. Ozaukee County Planning and Parks - Andrew Struck

OTN Autumn 2017 Conference

OTN Autumn 2017 Conference

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

October 12

5:30 p.m.

Pot luck


Think tank event:   Looking at OTN, Networking and Self-evaluating our organization


What is OTN achieving?

Where are we most beneficial to members?

What can we do better?

Outreach, Recruitment

Current community needs/topics for future conferences

Future direction?


As you can see, this one is all about us, so everyone is important to this gathering.

Pat Marchese has offered to open with a short history of our network.  (You can get a step up on this by clicking on the "about us" section here on this site.

We will divide up by self-selected topic at tables to take a look at where we are and where we should tweak things and explore.

We will of course go around and do introductions and any shameless plugs* for your organization that you wish to share.

The rest of the evening will be eating, drinking and networking.


Food & Drink

Bring along a dish to pass and / or a beverage to share


*  Secrets of Shameless Plugs

A shameless Plug is:

  • A chance to Plug/Brag about a current event, project,  or initiative 
  • A chance to brag about ONE thing about your organization.
  • A chance to generate enthusiasm
  • A chance to spread the word to the network

Secrets of a great shameless Plug!  Here is what to do!

  • Start by giving your name and your organization (if you represent one or more.)
  • State a BRIEF reason why your organization exists. (It’s Mission)
  • Describe your plug ---The Event, the Project, or Initiative in two (2) sentences in two (2) minutes!!!!!
  • Thank everyone.  Sit down!!!  (Our group is large and those minutes really can add up.)  Please be considerate of others and the members of the network listening!)

The plug must be concise and focused!

It is OK to just introduce yourself and not do a plug!

It’s OK to do a “Shameless Ask” BUT follow the same secrets of a shameless plug.




Spring Conference - April 6th 2017

Heads up!!

OTN Spring Conference

5:30 pm

April 6th - Thursday evening

In the barn at Riveredge


Pot luck (and we will have a few basics so if you don't have time to grab some food or beverages, no worries.

Two Things!!

1. This event will be all about networking, eating & drinking and sharing! Some new and exciting river initiatives will be discussed. Stay tuned. I will send a reminder mid-March.


Joe Fitzgerald - Milwaukee Riverkeeper - the impact of road salts on the health of the Milwaukee River Basin

Mandie Zopp - Riveredge - Community Rivers Project

and a few others TBD


2. Let me know if your organization has any upcoming events between April 7th September. We will have a list of those events up on the screen to share at the conference.