Ozaukee Treasures Network

Spring Conference - April 6th 2017

Heads up!!

OTN Spring Conference

5:30 pm

April 6th - Thursday evening

In the barn at Riveredge


Pot luck (and we will have a few basics so if you don't have time to grab some food or beverages, no worries.

Two Things!!

1. This event will be all about networking, eating & drinking and sharing! Some new and exciting river initiatives will be discussed. Stay tuned. I will send a reminder mid-March.


Joe Fitzgerald - Milwaukee Riverkeeper - the impact of road salts on the health of the Milwaukee River Basin

Mandie Zopp - Riveredge - Community Rivers Project

and a few others TBD


2. Let me know if your organization has any upcoming events between April 7th September. We will have a list of those events up on the screen to share at the conference.

OTN September Conference

OTN September Gathering

Thursday, September 29th

5:30 pm

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve


Food! We will have some dinner basics on hand. If you wish to add to the table with something to pass, or drinks of your choice, please do.

Networking time! This is our concept - to give you time to connect with colleagues over food and drink.

One Speaker - Dan Colllins from the League of Conservation Voters will do a short presentation to update us on current and coming legislative issues that affect environmental policy or may impact our efforts in some way.

Shameless Plugs! As always, we will go around so everyone has a chance to give a quick update on their current projects.

RSVP - Please let me know if you are coming - it really helps to plan for food and seating.



September 6th Women in Agriculture Conference at Riveredge

September 17th- Krier Conservancy is doing a seed collecting event on Saturday, September 17th from 9 to noon. They provide lunch after. Nice opportunity to see this preserve-in-the-making just east of I-43 on Jay Road. Bring gloves and boots. Contact Steve Hjort for more info.

September 18th - Farm to Table Annual Dinner at Wellspring Farm, September 18th

Ozaukee County's New Tool to Protect Coastal Resources

The Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department, in conjunction with its partners including the Ozaukee Treasures Network, recently completed a Coastal Resources Ecological Prioritization Master Plan, which is a parcel-level prioritization planning effort for preservation and restoration of critical coastal land and water resources in Ozaukee County. The Department created a Geographic Information System (GIS) Decision Support Tool while developing the Master Plan to provide a GIS-based, systematic prioritization of parcels according to a suite of land use, environmental, and ecological analysis factors. An accompanying technical report serves as a supplemental document to the Master Plan and is intended to provide additional information about the planning process, a more detailed explanation of the data and methods utilized, and a discussion of the limitations and considerations of both the inputs and outputs of the analysis. Both documents are now available for download on the County website at http://wi-ozaukeecounty.civicplus.com/551/Planning-Division. Questions may be directed to Karina Ward, Planning and GIS Specialist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 262-238-8277.